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What your Adventure Day can look like...

The Morning

Possible Timetable

8 am

9 am

12 am

2 pm

3 pm

5 pm

7 pm

9 pm

Pick-up at your stay (1h)

Meet your Guide, Cable Car ride, Hike(1-2h)

Cheese Dairy Tour (1h), Lunch

Hike to the Take-Off

Ride of your Life (1h)

Shopping Hour (1h)

Shisha and Dinner (1-2h)

Drop-off at your stay


Ride on the CABLE CAR into the middle of magical mountain landscape

HIKE in the middle of green hills and steep, rocky walls
(small walk up to sportive hike - you choose!)


Lunch Time!

PICK-UP SERVICE at your stay

Meet your GUIDE/primary contact person


Find rest in a classic BAVARIAN ALPINE HUT, enjoy local and traditional food and more (alternative meals are available)

Attend the procedure of making cheese in an actuall CHEESE DAIRY up in the mountains


After a satifying meal and a pleasuring social time you will be accompanied to the paragliding launch site, where you are being received by your tandem pilot, who is taking you onto the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!
( the paragliding flight is optional - alternatively you can take the cable car back to the valley)





Optionally you can choose either to end the day with a SHISHA or with a SHOPPING HOUR in an exclusive/specific mountain gear store - or even both!

On top:
- You will get a SD-Card with your memories captured in PHOTOS & VIDEOS
-In case you booked the cheese dairy tour there will be a GIFT BASKET


Questions our guests often have:
Who can do the flight?
What clothes do I have to bring?
Do I have to be sportive?
What about the Weather?
Answers on more questions can be found in the

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