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Info Guide - Good to know!

About Food

The allergine list will be provided in you booking confirmation mail. On request the bavarian food we are providing is without alcohol and pork. Also on request we also serve world wide common dishes (e.g. chicken with rice).

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If you choose the hike and/or para-gliding, you will need shoes for back-country paths (closed, tight, profiled sole). In case you don't have suitable shoes, you can borrow them - just let us know in your booking!

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Physical Condition


Paragliding is very weather depended. Also there are some weather conditions, in which hiking is not possible.
In order to optimize the chances of a successfull day, you can set a second date as a replacment date.



Weather can be kind of chilly up in the mountains even in summer. So bring a light jacket for wind protection.
Furthermore you can bring a small back-pack for your personal stuff and sunglasses.


For the paraglide you should be able to run some few meters.
For the hike you need to be able to walk for 2 hours, with moderate ascends.
Without hike or fly you don't need to be in a special physical shape.


Costs & Payment

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Tandem Flight

The paragliding flight can be done by persons from the age of 6 years on and with a weight between 35 and 110 kg. You don't need any knowledge or training, only the ability for some steps of running.


All costs* are included in your booking price. The amount of your price is to be payed in the beginning of the day on site. The payment methods con be found in the inquiry form.
* Purchases during the shopping hour excluded


Prayer times

In order to accomodate your needs as good as possible, you will be able to pray at the required times if you want to. There will be the opportunity to wash hands. Anyway, the mountains are a beautiful place for a prayer.


Cable Car


In case we need to cancel due to weather conditions you pay nothing.
The cancellation for you is free up to 7 days before.
Within 7 day before we need to charge you 50% of the price.



The locations of destination are Brauneck or Tegelberg, depending on your choice and availabilities. In case of self- organized arrival you will receive the exact coordinates of the meeting point in the booking confirmation mail.


The cable car ride is completely organized for you. Your Guide will bring you to the station and take the ride with you - you will be care-free.


Season and booking

Season is - dependending on the location - from May through October.
You can book up to 5 day before the desired date.
Your booking is obligatory once you got a confirmation mail.


Any other questions?

Do you still have any questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us via email...
+49 151 2110 7482
or in the request field of the inquiry form.

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