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Why Us?

Fully trust in our partners!

There is one up to three guides during your day in the mountains. They will be your primary contact persons and will assist you in your needs. They will pick you up at the cable car station/parking lot and guide the hike. Also they will manage your visit at the alpine hut, the shopping opportunity and the shisha bar, take photos and hand you the SD-cards with your memories in the end of the day.

Authentic Bavarian cuisine and more is what chefs of the alpine hut conjure for your culinary journey at its best. Enjoy a good time with local food and also on choice with world wide common food like chicken with rice. You get the opportunity to try bavarian mountain cheese variations, the original "Brezel", bavarian beer (on choice non-alcoholic) and much more. For your culinary well-being will be provided in sufficiency.

Glide like a falcon! One of the oldest dreams of humanity can come true for you. Take a seat in the front row of the tandem paraglider, conducted by a highly trained, professional pilot. The memory will be captured in video and pictures, which you will recieve right after the flight.
And no worries, it is easy for you! After running in order to start, your only job is to enjoy.
Who can do it? See the INFO GUIDE to learn more.

Anker 1
Anker 2
Anker 3

The pick-up and ride in case you choose the option will be conducted by a renomated high-level chauffeur service. You will travel in a luxurious high-class vehicle.

The Team (selection)


Fabian - professional alpinist


© Stefan Neuhauser

Iris - professional mountain guide
     - paragliding pilot


Martin - adventurer
          - paragliding pilot


Julia - world class paragliding


Philipp - Climbing professional


Tandem paragliding team

The most beautiful mountain range

Like the Alps as a whole, the Bavarian Alps as part of the Northern Alps were strongly influenced by the last ice age. Glaciers created cirques, lakes and the typical U-shaped valleys. Deposits of the ice-age rivers and especially the glaciers created a hilly landscape with lakes and moors, especially in the foothills of the Alps.

White winters, bright springs, colourfull autumns, but sunny, warm and quite dry summer months. That is why the northern alps are a popular region for recreation among all tourists in germany. There is a weak, but constant north wind during sunny summer days, which allows a favorable micro climate for paragliding. Just bring a light jacket for the flight!

Since the region is a popular tourism spot, the infrastructur is quite well developed. From the city to the mountain tops, there are trains, highways, cable cars and well maintained paths, that make the area accessable, also for "not"-mountaineers with a guide.

Respect for all your needs

In order to accomodate your needs as good as possible, you will be able to pray at the required times if you want to. There will be the opportunity to wash hands. Anyway, the mountains are a beautiful place for a prayer.
On request we are happy to try to organize female pilots for female passengers.

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